Some devices disappear after being checked

I recently installed a Zooz switch but this happens with a virtual switch I made as well.

I tried to add the Zooz to the Alexa driver with the other items and then I check the box, click update and save. I go back in to the Alexa driver and the new device is not there. I click other devices and they remain checked.

To test this I made a virtual switch to try and make a rule where the real switch will be a copy of the virtual switch. The new virtual switch and the zooz switch in the Rule Engine (basic and regular) get unselected immediately after checking the box.

Here is the kicker. I have an older virtual switch device that behaves normally.

Thanks for the help

There is a limit to the number of devices that can be shared with Alexa. Not sure what that number isโ€ฆ When you add it, Alexa should send a message to your device indicated it was added. If you donโ€™t get it, it is very probable that this is the problem.