Some days it works, some days it doesn't

About once a week my Hubitat hub stops working with all my z-wave devices. Reboot, update firmware, etc. nothing. I can access hub, but not switch on/off devices (some are next to the hub). After a while or next day it would magically start working again. This is extremely frustrating, is there anything I can do?
Elevation PLatform V:
Hardware Version: REV C-7

@Lensdigital That can be frustrating for sure!

  • Post your Z-Wave details page so we can see if you have any problematic devices like Ghosts etc.
  • Keep in mind certain devices can cause a ton of network traffic. Zooz 4-in-1 is an example. Also try and limit the use of devices paired with S0 reduces network traffic. Also try and limit the use of S2 security for border devices like locks/garages - usually this will not an issue depending on how many devices you have but every little bit helps against overhead.
  • Have you checked your logs - devices & apps to see if any are using too much resources? You might try and disable some cloud based apps temporarily to see what happens.
  • If you haven't already install the Hubitat Package Manager App and then using the HPM install the Hubitat Z-Wave Mesh Details App. Maybe also install Hub Information Driver as well. These can help you figure out routing etc.
  • Do a "soft-reset", if there is system (not device table) corruption this can help and is non-destructive.
  • Email support, they can possibly take a look at some more in depth logs of your system.
  • Email/ask staff for access to the Beta firmware - it contains a Z-Wave Radio Firmware update from SiLabs. This might help with some Z-Wave issues but of course no guarantee..

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Details page:


Thanks guys! Might be stupid question but how do I post image? When insert it via "upload" icon I get error that I can't include media items. If I just post URL to photo I uploaded my server I again get message that links are not allowed. How does one share photo on this forum? lol

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Here are details. It's been working fine all week, until this morning. Then again no response on any device for few hours...

It would appear that your z-wave mesh has multiple ghosts.


As @aaiyar mentioned, looks like you have unresponsive devices in your mesh, especially those included with S2 security will create havoc in your mesh. You will need to exclude then reinclude devices and/or add repeaters between your devices and the hub to strengthen your mesh. Check out this document on how to build a strong Z-Wave mesh:


Which are they?

I would guess the ones with no route showing.