Some dashboards no longer work with mobile app?

I have 8 or so dashboards. They all are accessible fine via the web interface,

Several of them are no longer accessible from the iOS app "dashboard" button. They spin on "loading layout" and never load devices. If I use the "tools" button on the mobile app and then "connect to hub," get the full hub interface, then select dashboards, they work just fine. Whether I am on my local network or not seems to make no difference. I can't see anything different in the configuration options for the dashboards, though of course their content is different,

Any hints on this one?

I've run across a similar condition that I think is due to the mesh router satellite that my hub is plugged into not being completely initialized when the hub comes up on a power outage restore. Returns to normal if I restart the hub.

Hmmm. Good thought. I also have a meshed network but all nodes and the hub are on UPSes, and I have a whole house generator. However, I did have an internet outage over the weekend. I'm not sure when this issue started, so I did a reboot of the hub just in case. No luck.

I have a similar problem and the guys who did the smartly dashboard modifications said that there was a limit to the number of characters a cloud dashboard (open on the app) could have. He said I must delete some devices and it should work.

Maybe you guys can try that and lets see if that is an issue.

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That's a great suggestion. I checked to see if there was a correlation between the number of devices on the dashboard and the failure. Does not appear to be. I then went to one of the dashboards that fails and removed a whole bunch of stuff. Didn't help.

If I launch the dashboard from the iOS app and I am on the same network as the hub does it always use the cloud version of the dashboard?

Ah! You were spot on, I just didn't go about it the right way. The first time through I deleted the various devices from the dashboard itself, but did not remove them from the access list. Once I went back and removed a bunch of devices from the access list the dashboard sprung back to life. Thanks!


If you are on the LAN it should default to the LAN version unless you are using a link that directly specifies the cloud version.

Correct. Cloud dashboards have a 129,630 character limit. If the total number of characters in your JSON goes over that, it will load locally, but not via cloud (you'll just get a black screen).


Yeah odd though that it didn't work when I was on the same network, either. I would have thought in that case it would default to the local, rather than cloud, dashboard. But I want it to work in either case so the fix is the same. Thanks all.