[Solved] Zigbee Instability is back!


Yes. Too far away from the hub without a repeater (and with Xiaomi it must also be a compatible repeater), or too much interference from WiFi or neighboring devices operating on the same frequency


Just updated my previous post.


There's a bit of explanation about it here, but RSSI isn't going to tell you much about why Xiaomi drop. You simply need compatible repeaters. I have a very small house and even the ones in close proximity to the hub would eventually drop off, but I could often revive them by just tapping the pairing button.

Now that I have two IKEA Trådfri plugs, I've had none drop off at all.


Was not focusing on Xiaomi devices. Looking at the big picture. Step a little further back. Srwhite are not Xiaomi.


Xiaomi in particular check-in every hour. If they miss that a few times (I don't know the exact number but it's in a thread on this forum somewhere) then they drop. Weak signal will make them drop because they tried to checkin with the hub and couldn't find it. They don't drop if they miss just one check-in. That would just be stupid because what if there happened to be interference at that moment they were trying to check-in? So they're good for at least one missed check-in. It might be more, but I can't recall the exact number.


Your issue is a weak mesh. From your description of the size of your property, I"m confident that's the issue. The fix is quite simple.

@srwhite does not sound like he has a mesh issue to me based on the information I've seen, but I'm not as deep into his problem as support is and very likely missing some crucial information, so I'm not going to claim I know the problem or how to fix it.

I can tell you that it's not a Hubitat is not good type issue. Hubitat is excellent, but there's some sort of issue standing in his way. Has not been discovered yet.


My postulate is based on the fact that in my case the initial drop-off were just 20 seconds apart. But is just than an hypothesis that still require tangible findings .


You would be so wrong.
The hub is centered within a 97 Sqm apartment. You have literally no more than 5m away to any device.
117 Sqm with balcony but no devices there

As further example on the living room where is the hub you have 15 cm and 1m away the temp sensors, 2m away the kitchen motion sensor. 1.5m away the door sensor and the hall motion sensor and the vibration sensor, and circa 30cm away the button.
4/5m away you have the bedroom motion sensor.
1m away you have the leak sensor.
The noise radio varies between -45 and-68.


Which devices are dropping in 20 seconds? I have all Aquara and they don't drop. My house is 1200 sq/ft (yeah you make me convert, I'm gonna make you convert too :wink:).

Original Xiaomi devices are problematic. This is well reported here and on the SmartThings forum.

I currently have these Xiaomi Aqara devices:

2 door/window sensors
2 leak sensors
1 temp/humidity sensor
3 buttons
3 motion sensors

0 drop off


The motion sensors that initial drop off were one Aqara and 1 original


I have order the ikea outlets.
Which there was a way to test the zigbee signal strenght


So you have an Aqara motion sensor that drops off in 20 seconds after pairing? That sounds like a weak battery. They ship with the batteries live. No pull tab. Do you have a battery tester?


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No you misunderstood. When there were the initial drop offs were only after a few hours, just 1 or 2 hours after i update to .117. It was stable before that. What I meant was that they both dropped off from the hub only 20 seconds apart.


There is, Xbee. RSSI will give you an idea, but it's can be a reading from any receiver or even I device on the Zigbee network causing interference, so it's just a rough guide.

You would have to figure out how to get an Xbee in Portugal. I know that @Cobra in the UK has one. Maybe he can recommend a source for you if you want to know.


The module for arduino? So I need an arduino too?


So not to confuse the points. You have a drop of two devices 1 or 2 hours after update. Not sure why that's not known exactly. The log shows last checkin time.

But you also are suggesting the hub platform version is related. So have you tried reverting to the pervious build to see if you gain stability with your Xiaomi devices?


Yeap all of it was documented to support.

Myself I don't think was related unless there was any background task that is not visible to us that made something Wierd
Don't know.

I had a second drop-off a few hours later of ALL the devices


No it's not an arduino, it's a daughter card that converts from USB to the Xbee. You can view the thread on Everything Xbee. All the information is there.


So what hub platform version are you running now?