[Solved] Zigbee Instability is back!


I'm not saying this is what happened to you but I'm just offering something up.
Many moons ago I believe I had this too. (Your pic BTW). I definitely had 'UNINITIALISED' and 00000000 in the Pan ID.
Now this was after I'd been switching zigbee channels on my hub. I was trying to get the HE hub on to a different zigbee channel from ST hub and HUE bridge.
Things just seem to get screwed up.
If memory serves me I removed my zigbee devices, did a reboot of the hub and my zigbee radio came back working OK.
I did this in conjunction with support.
Everything has been hunky dory since.

Like I say, not saying this has what happened to you but.........................


Well through different methods that was I end up doing. Has hold so far. Let's see.

But nothing that has been said to me until know showed that the root cause is the Xiaomi devices. Just because they are different.

It's the same thing you say that a transgender person is not allowed to enter a restaurant just because they are different.


I highly recommend you buy a couple XBee3's which can be loaded with Zigbee 3 firmware. I just installed my third one with a high gain antenna. Its 4 rooms away from the hub, but XCTU reports a direct route to the hub. Even more amazing, it is showing usable routes to devices in the basement, two stories down.

The issue with the Xiaomi devices is that I've heard they will only connect to the hub, and will pretty much ignore any router. I've also read that you can configure an XBee to act as a router for those devices, with varying degrees of success.


From what I have read this is a myth. They work very well apparently with the IKEA outlets. But again it's ear say.

Xbee are not available here.


I initially thought zigbee was my way forward with devices able to be sourced at a much cheaper price than Zigbee in AUS but with the all issues @srwhite has been reporting and now @Somel, I’m going to hold off buying anymore.
For now I’ve got only Iris Vontavt and Motions and luckily - no issues.

As others have said I think it VERY import that if you want the best experience, then stick to supported devices


Sadly most of the supported devices are not easy accessible in Europe or double the cost of the US version.

What we should be pushing is for proper support for affordable devices or proper alternatives quality price outside of the US.


still better off than us in AUS and NZ. :blush:


They don't even appreciate how easy they have it.


We agree. But the simple fact is that we don't yet support Xiaomi because what we have now is ZHA, and Xiaomi is not ZHA compliant. That's not a criticism of them, just a fact. We may well have Xiaomi support in the future, we just don't today.

If you want to return your hub because of this, we will give you a refund -- shipping on you.


But I haven't thrown the towel just yet. Close but not quite :joy::joy:
Just because they are ZHA challenged is no reason for me to given on them. Every IoT deserves a chance to play....

Thanks for the kind offer. But adding another 50€ to 250€ I already paid to get roughly 60€ is not worth the hassle.
It was a gamble that was expensive and hasn't paid off yet but I still hope it will.


There are lots of people here working at getting them to work, some with success.

Curious, why would it be so expensive to mail a package to the US? It only cost about 20€ to ship it to you.

On another note, you know that we aren't really setup to do business in EU, and that how that is done now is too costly and inefficient. It is in our plans to address this situation this year. We need to establish an EU distribution facility and entity. We hope to be able to lower the price for the EU version, lower the shipping cost and time, and remove the duty impact. That's our goal.


I was adding Customs into it.
From US here was 63.25€ on customs fees


Oh, yes, but that's water under the bridge, right? That, by the way, is ridiculous. We have heard of no one else paying more than 25€ or 30€. Is this something special about Portugal??


Not blaming you guys for it. Was my choice.
I knew that was expensive but was willing to pay the premium for a non cloud solution.
Was just not expecting so much pain. That's all


Argh. What can I say? You have the one major brand of device that is super problematic. I hope you get them to work.


But what I'm confused about... Should an end device be able to make the overall HE Zigbee network state go to UNININTIALIZED? Because that was the last real zigbee problem I saw him post.


No, it should not. We suspect there was an unfortunate collision of events that crashed the Zigbee radio startup. We're investigating that. This is not the fault of the Xiaomi sensors.


That makes sense. I was just curious - thanks for the enlightenment.


Kind of...
Here you pay for this type of goods
30% Tax on Insurance + shipping + Cost of the goods.
In top you add 17€ in admin fees
There is another 5€ fee for something I don't recall.

For Example if customs is handles through DHL for example instead of the post services you usually don't pay the as a customer the 17€ fee plus the 5€.


Stable so far.
Hope it holds