[SOLVED] Z wave devices disappeared

I have had several z wave devices disappear from the z-wave stick. The Devices are still listed in the device list but when I go to the z-wave details in settings there is only one device listed under z-wave radio devices. please tell me that I don't have to re add all the other devices.

Would you reboot your hub, and check again. Then report back.

That seems to have fixed it, I'll monitor and report back if there are any more issues.

sorry to revive this thread but I took delivery of my uk version hub a few days ago, I set up around 50 devices yesterday which included about 19 z-wave devices and now today I'm having the exact same issue as mentioned in this thread. I've tried rebooting and also tried removing and replacing the z-wave stick but all has no effect... my devices all show under devices tab but nothing listed in the z-wave devices section thus all my z-wave devices can only be controlled directly at the switch???

anyone have any suggestions?

Use the Shutdown command.
Wait approximately 10 minutes.
Turn on the power.


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Don’t worry. :grinning:
So this has happened 3 times to me already. Rebooting and or shutting down and waiting 10 doesn’t seem to work. It just randomly comes back on its own.

I think it may have been a dodgy fibaro dinner 2. Because I’ve swapped the suspect one out and now it seems to be slightly better.

Did a z-wave repair last night. (Took over 2 hours?!) and now seems pretty stable. But time will tell I suppose.

I’m wishing it works because I’m becoming a fan of Hubitat very fast. Just don’t like rule machine... can’t seem to get used to you’re after spending years with webCore!

And from what I’ve read on here webCore is a NoNo???