[Solved] Virtual Motion Sensor Auto Inactive


Similar to the Virtual Switch that has an automated off after a few seconds, can we also have the virtual motion sensor go from active to inactive in a) either a user configurable number of seconds, or b) from a drop down list in 10s increments maybe up to a max of 60s. This should emulate most real world motion devices & their inactive resets.


Well, well. I never spotted that before. I can find a use for that. Thanks.

yup, done, will be in the next release.


Thanks Mike. Much appreciated.


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Hi there! Sorry for reviving an old discussion. I'm a new Hubitat user (I can't give up Echo Speaks) and I set up my first virtual motion sensor from Smartthings and I was mystified why it was changing from Active to Inactive almost instantly when I can see it was in an Active status in Smartthings. I'm guessing the hub link only sends state changes so the active state persists for a while there are no updates. I'm guessing all I need to do is to turn it off, or am I missing something or the intended purpose of this function? Thanks!