[SOLVED] Sunset not working in Basic Rule

I am trying to use the sunset to turn on my outside light but it is just not working. I did check my hub time, date and location it is all good. need some help please.

You need to show us a screenshot of the rule that isn't working.

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It will be much easier to give advice if we could see the rule in question. There are many ways to write a rule, and various rules engines in Hubitat.

You probably currently don't have permission to post screenshots, but you can change that by joining the owners group here. Hub owners - Hubitat

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Next, can you take a screenshot of the App Status page, the portion that contains Event Subscriptions. You get that page with the gear icon upper right of the page you just showed.

Did you hit Done when you created this rule?


Hmmm. Works fine for me.

What release are you running?

I am doing a update to the last version at the moment. let see if the problem will get fix

Good. I'd also suggest that you remove that rule, and re-create it.

just did

It will work now. Event Subscription is there.

I will see tomorrow, thanks for the help

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All working good for me

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