[SOLVED] Startup No Longer Available In Rule Machine

In Rule Machine 2.5, there was a trigger on hub event that you could use. This was useful for running /evaluating certain rules on hub reboot. I can't seem to find it in Rule Machine 3.0 or 4.0. Can we get it back please!

Is Capability: Location with Location event: systemStart as a trigger event in RM 4.0 (and probably something similar in 3.0) what you're looking for?


There it is!!! Thank you!!!

Holy batman, I never knew this existed!

I have a group of Homeseer fan controllers that do not automatically turn on after a power loss. Homeseer was unaware of the issue and are working on a firmware update.

I stumbled across this thread and turned off my office fan and rebooted the hub to simulate a power loss. It showed sending a command to the fan to turn on but was delayed a minute or so. I figured it was because of the background processing or the like. But it did turn on.

Woohoo, thanks for this!

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I'm glad I brought it up now. :slight_smile:

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