[SOLVED] Simple Lighting App Sunrise to Sunset Not Working

I have created a Simple Lighting Rule to turn a light on at sunrise and off at sunset, but it doesn't work. I've tries recreating the rule twice without success (it did turn the light off last night after I manually turned it on, but it didn't switch it back on this morning). The light is controlled by a SmartThings Outlet (IM6001-OTP01) configured as a Generic ZigBee Outlet in Hubitat.

I've checked my location, and it is dead on and sunrise and sunset times are good.

Any ideas?

Please show the app page itself.

Here you go.


I am not able to reproduce this problem. Look at the app status page (gear icon). There should be two Event Subscriptions, like this:

Do you have those?

Yes, I do have those. I'm not sure what the problem was, but I deleted and recreated the rule a third time (the resulting app settings were identical) and rebooted the hub. It turned the light off at sunset last night and turned it on again at sunrise this morning, so it looks like all is well now.

Thanks for your help @bravenel.