[Solved] Sengled bulbs?

I've been using hubitat for quite a while and I've had very few issues thus far. My single hubitat hub is up to date with the current firmware. I have about 25 Sengled Zigbee bulbs and have never had an issue. I had a few that stopped responding, so I tried the usual reset routine and now none of them will reconnect. I've tried the 10 on off reset almost 20 times and I can't get them to reconnect. I have a set of two brand new bulbs as spares and they will no longer connect either. I made sure my hub was up to date and I even shut down the hub and restarted. None of the old reset, or new spares out of the box will reconnect. All of the bulbs were hard reset when they didn't work out of the box. All of my other Zigbee devices are working normally.

Can anyone offer suggestions?


How many mains powered devices do you currently have. Sengled bulbs are not repeaters so you need a strong mesh to support them. Changes in Wi-Fi can greatly impact Zigbee.


I've been having issues with zigbee pairing on my C7, with an Iris 3210-L plug. Other devices-motion sensors, pair fine to the C7. The plug pairs instantly to my C5, but not the C7.
If you have a total of 32 zigbee devices, none of which are repeaters, you may have hit the limit of 32 directly connected devices

Very odd as I have a C7, and use quite a few 3210-L zigbee Outlets. (Paired Zigbee radio only.) I paired them all with no issue to report.

[Edit] Just counted and I have 20 of these outlets on my C7.

Hmm, what ver did you pair them on? Either or won't work for me. And I tried right next to hub and from 10 foot away(line of sight)

Just paired one now on

Verified on/off and events are displaying.
Also within 10 feet of hub as it is where I am watching TV, but paired many in place as I built out the C7 Mesh.

What's the best plug-in Zigbee repeater to use? I'm assuming I'm at the 32 connected limit. When I add a repeater(s) how do I get bulbs to reconnect via a repeater and not directly?

The radio takes care of that. I am too like @Brandon a fan of the Iris outlets. I think you can still find them on eBay. They work very well for the Zigbee, not so much for the Z-Wave'*

'*that's my opinion based on personal experience and I am sticking with it :slight_smile:

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So just add plugs to HE and kind of wait for the mesh to update?

Up until this past spring I only had a dozen zigbee devices (st water sensors and st buttons) and everything I needed to control was zwave or wifi (tasmota)

Then I bought a couple HB fan controllers and needed some plug in repeaters.

I first bought three ST outlets (pricey and now you can’t find them) and three tradfri repeaters. Since then I have been buying the Sonoff zigbee outlets (not as ugly as the st outlets) and inline switches. I have over a dozen of them now. I have read that they are not as strong (radio wise) as the st outlets but they are half the price and you can plug two of them into a single outlet.

If you want to force your Zigbee devices to reconnect you turn off your hub for 20 minutes. That will put your Zigbee products into "panic mode" (sounds scary, right? :slight_smile: ) and they will all reconnect to your hub and to each other.

I only have two Sengled bulbs, but both are working fine on and previous versions of 2.2.4 and 2.2.3.


That was totally it, a bad mesh with no repeaters. Just adding one extra Sylvania outlet plug that I had for the Christmas tree in a box fixed it up. Added 2 more Sylvania plugs and a Centralite plug and waited a couple days. Everything auto adjusted and everything is good to go and my Child device count went down to 20. Thanks everyone!


After too many tries ...

This worked for Hub C-8 US

Get to [Add Device] and [Zigbee]
Don't click [+ Start Zigbee pairing] yet
Quickly toggle the bulb "off+on" 15 times
Leave bulb on briefly to see bulb flash, then turn off
Click [+ Start Zigbee pairing]
Turn the bulb on, it should do light show
Maybe it will pair ...