[SOLVED] New to me error messages

Hey all,

I started getting a new error message within the last 2 days...

1 device is a GE Z-Wave dimmer, the other is a GE Z-Wave Plus dimmer
Nothing has changed with the devices, rules... only change is to the current HE code of


Are you using the built-in Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer driver? And can you show a screenshot of an offending app/rule that causes this behavior, assuming you're not able to replicate it by manually using the "Set Level" button on the device page? Just thinking of things that might help staff track this down.

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This post is explicitly related to the below post:

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Yes I am using the generic z-wave dimmer and the generic z-wave smart dimmer drivers

Here is the Simple Automation rule that is running when the device error is recorded

@djgutheinz, thanks for the link, i reviewed it and the issue appears to be due to turn on and set level w/o entering a dimmer level, my rule has a dim level of 35, unless i missed something else

Try removing the 35, saving the app (hit Done), then go in and put 35 in again. If you had it set up this way on the previous version, it would have saved the level with the wrong data type, which could cause this problem with many drivers.

@bertabcd1234... TY for the suggestion, that appears to have fixed the errors in the log

Thanks, Rick