[Solved] Motion Lighting Apps - mode based dimmer level


I created a "Motion Lighting Apps". When motion is detected, I want the light to be dim if mode = night, otherwise I want the light to be at 100%.

The night time dim level is working fine, but the first motion during day (after night dimming) comes on as dim.

Does the "Turn on switches per mode" (screen shot below) supposed to turn the light all the way on? Or is it supposed to retain its prior dim value?

thank you!

How about Set Dimmers per Mode and define the 100 there?

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As @liquidskin has said. You are using switches so therefore it will just turn on and take the last known level. You need to set it by using set dimmers per mode.

Thanks for the replies.

I'm already using the "Set these dimmers per mode" to dim the light during NIGHT mode.

Seems like there needs to be another "Set these dimmers per mode" to do what I want (one for NIGHT mode and another for everything else). Otherwise, I can go back to using RM.


Select your additional modes in the drop down that says “Night”, it will let you define separate levels for each mode

@liquidskin - that is exactly what I wanted, thank you!

Screen shot for others, it's a bit hidden, but makes perfect sense.

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