[Solved] Mode scenes enabled in google home throw error


When setting a mode (scene) from the default google home integration Google reports an error setting that scene.

In the live logs I get

app:332019-02-11 08:39:03.862 pm errorexecuteCmd- java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'online' on null object

Anyone else seen this. It seems to toggle the mode fine in Hubitat but the home's responding there was an error is a bit annoying.


I have the same issue here. I griped about it for a while but no one seemed to take much interest in fixing it. Ultimately I created a virtual switch to control the mode via RM.


Can I ask how you got the virtual switch to show in google home? They won’t show for me...it’s a shame the default scenes don’t work


What steps did you perform after creating the virtual switch?


I figured it out thank you! Didn't realize I had to use the virtual switch device doh!!