[Solved}Hub Mesh: Custom Attribute not changing for 'linked' device

I have a Sonoff Motion Sensor paired to one of my hubs.
With the driver I'm using, custom attributes resetToActive and resetToInactive are exposed and I can set them both using a button on the device page.
I have linked the device to another hub using Hub Mesh.
If I press the resetToActive and resetToInactive on the linked device, nothing happens.
Is this how Hub Mesh works or is there something going wrong.

Below is a screen shot of the device page showing the buttons.

So to summarise.
On the device page on where the hub is paired, the buttons cause the device to go Active or Inactive depending on button pressed.
On the device page on the hub the device is linked to, if either button is pressed nothing happens and the error below is produced.


Update: Logs are showing this error when the resetToActive button is pressed.

dev:80332021-02-14 20:02:04.698 errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: null (resetToActive)

Just tagging @gopher.ny and @bcopeland

OK I see what has happened.
I have changed references to:-
resetToActive to active
resetToInactive to inactive

Custom attributes now work between the 2 devices OK.

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