[SOLVED] Hampton Bay Fan Controller Problems


Me: Something is wrong with my Hampton Bay Fan...

Forums: Get a peanut!!

Me: I don't think that is going to fix it.

Forums: It is your mesh! Add repeaters.

Me: No, I don't think that is going to fix it either.

Forums: What else could it be?

Me: This....


Forums: Get a new fan


Forums: Does the 433mhz included Remote work?

ROFL. Yea, something tells me a clue was not included in the problem description :smiley:


Yeah, like what color was the smoke that came out of the box.


Well played @helene7t7 , well played.


Very funny, well played. I'd venture a guess you have a water infiltration problem.
Is that close?


We had a small leak in the roof. Only evidence was a small spot at our entryway and drips that made its way into the dip switch hole. We fixed the leak and just painted over the small spot since it was barely anything. We didn't know any water had gotten into the ceiling fan. In fact the rest of the ceiling fan worked perfectly fine. Just the wink controller was fried. Later on however due to the controller being fried the lights stopped working, the fan worked intermittently. Due to this not happening at the same time as the water leak, I didn't make a connection.

If I had installed the unit upside down or at least the other side up, the water would not have dripped into the dip switch hole. I imagine the unit would have been fine, if I had done that in spite of the water.

And the forums would be wrong again cause the fan works fine! Just the controller fried. The water damage was so small it just fried the unit and nothing else. Which to be honest, we had trouble believing it was water damage because nothing else in and around the ceiling fan had any other water damage. Well other than the entryway in the floor below but you know what I mean.


The moral to the story is: don't believe anything the forum offers as advice. :smiley::smiley:

I think you're on to something here... :smiley:


The wall plate remote thats compatible with the HBFC comes with a dumb controller (which I ended up tossing), but interestingly it had a nice little rubber bung covering the dip switch hole. The dip hole is the same size and shape as the zigbee one, so I popped em in. But the Zigbee version doesn't come with the bung oddly.

Makes me think that water ingress in the top of the controller is not such a rare event.