[Solved - device defect] Garage door opened in the middle of the night

As this is an issue with the device, and not Hubitat, I am closing this thread.


Reopened the thread per OP's request.

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AFAIK, anything without a yellow button should act on a dry contact. I have a 1.0 opener that has a dry contact wall switch and it is fine.

And, I think that's why their documentation is a bit confusing, but understandable if you break it down a little. Anything but yellow? A white will work. Have a yellow? Get a BlaQ. (Have one of these specific non-yellow openers, and want some increased functionality? Get a BlaQ.)

THIS :point_up:

Taking a two step approach to some things isn't a bad idea at all. While it is not recommended to power things off that you have established on your mesh ...I have a two single channel MHCOZY relays that are powered up every morning and down every night simply because what they control CAN NOT be trusted to fail to ON in the middle of the night.

Don't forget to disconnect the battery in your GDO if it has one. At first I didn't realize mine did.


Not an issue with mine. It is a 20+ year old Genie screw drive.
I also have the opener disabled automatically when I set the mode to "Vacation". That means I have to set the mode while I am sitting in the driveway, AFTER I leave the house....

Add a 10 minute wait and you can leave after setting Vacation mode :innocent: