[Solved] Date Restriction in RM Can't Span Year Change?

So, I noticed today that a rule that was restricted to Sept 14-March 15 Was showing today as restricted. As soon as I changed the restriction to January 1st through March 14th, the restriction disappeared. It appears that the restrictions in RM won't span a change in a year. So, in this case, would i need one rule for Sep -Dec and another for Jan to March? Seems that it should allow it to cross the year since it is still within the range. Rules settings page:

‘Scheduled Switch’ will do this for you.
I use it to have winter, spring, summer, autumn switches and they are scheduled correctly for next year.


Okay. 2 RM rules work too.. But that doesn't fix the bug.

Yes, there is a bug. We will get a fix in for it.

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Thanks @bravenel.