SOLVED: Cannot access webinterface from WAN anymore?

Hi There i have my Hubitat "exposed" to the internet, however i have changed the entry port on the Router to something else than port 80, also acces is only allowed from one outside static IP address...

but recently i havent been able to connect to the webinterface from outside... it works fine on the LAN side...

has Hubitat changed something in the webinterface itself to deny access if the IP isnt Local ?

my network setup is unchanged (and yes the recommendation is not to exspose the HUB to WAN) but it really isnt in my setup as only this one IP address is allowed to access it (Edgerouter)

it works fine for everything else in my network as it has always...

EDIT: I just read that it was implemented as a security measurement for FW: 2.2.9 (I jumped from 2.2.5 to 2.3.2 so didn't notice this changelog...)

Dang it... i dont not want to hassle with a VPN setup just for this one interface (but i get the idea if people just exposes their HUB without any security measures)

If you don't want to setup a VPN for admin stuff, you can subscribe to remote admin service. That said, most routers have it built in and is usually easy to set up.


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Remote admin is just a few dollars a month and it helps support Hubitat. The mobile app works nicely with it as well. I think its a great value.

Although you don't need the remote admin service if you are using the mobile app.

will remoteadmin allow me to access the webinterface from a browser?

Yes. That is what I do.

And if you have multiple hubs, one price for all of them. I think it is a very good deal, as I have 7 hubs.


I use the mobile app and when my mobile device isn't on my LAN I can't connect to my hub unless I connect through remote admin. Are you saying that there's a workaround to connect to my hub without remote admin enabled when I'm not on my local LAN?

Yes. Simply set up a VPN. Then you don't have to worry about the remote admin subscription

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OK I misunderstood - I thought @jameslslate was referring to something other than the VPN approach.

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