[SOLVED] Bulb's state isn't updating when turning on or off

As the title says, I have a bulb that isn't updating when I turn it on or off from within HE. If I tap the "refresh" button, it does update almost immediately. It's a Sengled Dimmable bulb.

What driver are you using for that bulb?

I was using Sengled Element Plus. I had tried some other drivers, but apparently all I had to do was click "Configure", now it's working. What does that do?

It ensures the driver knows the device's capabilities.

TIL. Thanks!

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Glad you solved it! Based on your original thread though I'd like to recommend you get Either a Zooz or Inovelli smart switch on that bulb. They have a smart bulb mode in which power is constantly kept to the bulb but issues commands for the bulb to turn on or off. This way if someone hits the switch manually, hubitat can still control it and your status even with the switch push is maintained (meaning you can still get the reported on and off) Using dumb switches with smart bulbs is never recommended

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