[SOLVED] Amazon Skill Linking

When i try to link the Hub with The amazon skill, i login and get linking unsuccessful.
Anyone get this ?

You might want to contact support@hubitat.com. Theyโ€™ll help get things sorted out.

I have an email already into support..

I never had this issue linking anything to amazon.. Could it be something on their side?

Usually, I believe it is an issue with your Hub not being properly registered with Hubitat's Cloud server. You could use the REBOOT HUB option in the SETTINGS menu to see if that corrects the issue.

I see.. OK, well that makes sense if it not properly registered the Hubitat's cloud server.

I did use the reboot hub option and i get the same results.

When you browse to, and log into, portal.hubitat.com is your hub listed there?

Under location name, Yes..

Did you already install the "Amazon Echo Skill" App within Hubitat? I believe that App is automatically installed when you enable the skill within the Alexa App on your phone.

Also, what country are you in?

I did have the app installed from the Hubitat's apps dashboard..

Here is what i did:
1- removed the Skill app from the Hubitat
2- Rebooted Hub
3- logged into amazon - clicked enable on the Hubitat app and got the same result -- Linking unsuccessful


I am all out of ideas. I know @bobbyD from Hubitat Support will be able to help get things sorted out for you soon.

Great, Thanks!

Standing by for @bobbyD

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You may want to update your Profile to have a Location.

Click your self in the upper right corner, Click the gear. On the left, click Profile and (finally) youโ€™ll see Location.

That Location info is then shown to anyone that clicks your name in a message posting.

I have tried these same steps, but I am also having a problem linking to my accounts.

I have a location set.

Any other recomendations? I have sent an email to support, but wondering what your solution was @wxmiked, or if it was solely on hubitats end.

His account was not linked to his hub. His problem was resolved on December 5th.

I've got your ticket and will look at your hub's registration shortly. Will email you back when you can try again. For anyone having issues linking any 3rd party services, such as Alexa, please send us an email at support@hubitat.com.

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Yes, Thanks, Bobby. Is that for all new users ?

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No, just on very few occasions.