[SOLVED] Aeotec Doorbell 6 & Custom Device

BIG UPDATE (this is replacing the original post with all my logs and drivers): This is a little tip for those who have this new device. I was trying to figure out why I couldn't get something to work with the doorbell device. Well, commands to the main device or the child siren device (where strobe is located) will override the actions of the doorbell device. Only spent an hour trying to figure THAT one out. UGH!!

Thanks for updating the post, that will hopefully help other users.

The device has built-in priority levels because you wouldn't want someone to be able to turn off your siren by pressing the doorbell button or not have the doorbell ring because you're playing a chime.

Oh, it makes total sense to me now. And I'm glad it does. Just wished I'd noticed it about 45 mins earlier. :grin:

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