[SOLVED] [] Dashboard not loading [C7]

Using the "Legacy" cloud link (since I'm not currently restricting dashboards on a per-user basis), when I click on the Hubitat icon/Dashboard name to bring up the list of Dashboards, it just spins:


I'm able to create "link tiles" that bounce between dashboards--but attempting to bring up the menu isn't working.

@bobbyD @bcopeland

Looks like the Dashboard Menu isn't loading, but if you have links saved directly to the dashboards they will load. This also occurs in the iOS app, but if you're on the same LAN and use the Tools menu you can get them to come up..

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Thank you for your feedback. We have identified the issue and fix is coming.


Could you please see if you still have this problem?


I guess that was a "back end" fix (no update required)? It did seem to work right when I just tried.

Whatever you did fixed it for me on both the browser and the client. Thanks.