Solid Blue Light

Last night none of my automations ran, and hubitat wouldn't respond through google. I checked my hub, and the light is solid blue. I used the diagnostics tool and did a reboot of it and that brought it back online. Five minutes later and its back to solid blue. I then had to do a soft restore and backup from cloud to get it back working. Five minutes later same thing again. Now this morning the light is solid blue but I can't even access the diagnostics tool.

It now seems it has switched to flashing between red and green.

I checked the logs previous so the last restore and then after restoring it. I turned off anything that was giving me a warning or error in the logs. But it is still crashing. Any idea on what the next steps might be?

What hub version?

Are you using the power supply that came with it?

If you can get it back online, do a create and download of the hub, this will ensure the database is clean and you're not potentially using a corrupt database that's been saved in the nightly backups.

Do the soft reset restore the file you saved to the pc...

Also for giggles, press the network reset button on the bottom of the hub with a toothpic or paperclip for 7 seconds (this is the only round hole out of all the square ones)

Beyond that @support_team will need involved

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  • Solid blue means that the platform is not running, so you wouldn't be able to access hub's logs.
  • flashing red means that the hub isn't connecting to your local network.

Based on the details provided is hard to tell what the problem might be. Here is a post that might give you some ideas of what additional details you might want to provide, so that others can help you troubleshoot:

Also check this document:

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