Soft reset


just performed a soft reset, rebooted, went to diagnostic fullui=yes,

and were already logged in? Is this normal really? I could start a full reset without having to login. Shouldn't a reboot cause any login-cookies to be void/removed?

Also, after the reset(s) this static screen was the only one showing, even after hub green light, no percentage animation...

You are not actually logged in at that point, and it would throw an error were you to try any command that requires login. You first have to logout, then do the command following another login.

Well, it did let me perform a hard reset without any further login, just typed "hard reset"... Else it would have made sense. No error message at all either.

What? There is no such thing. Do you mean full reset?

Yes, sorry

This issue is fixed in 2.2.7.

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Great, thanks

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