So now what

So I am 90% moved over to Hubitat from ST but now that I am moved over I am finding areas of my HU is not covering. So what are my options? Get another hub? Extenders.......The area that it is not covering is in my garage. My ST hub covered no problem and it is just about in the same place as my HU. I have another router in the garage since I need coverage in my shop and all my outside cameras so putting another hub out there would not be a major issue or would it.

More main powered devices that will extend the mesh by also acting as beaming repeaters, or install dedicated repeaters, or option C do both. :wink:

"you can never have too many repeaters"


Thanks I will try the repeater strategy first because I have a lot of power devices. Is there a way to replace a device with another device

Not to my knowledge, every Z-wave device has a unique ID on the mesh network. In the past I've excluded devices, then included a new replacement and named it the same. But it was a brand new unique ID device from the mesh's perspective.

Yes, but only if the node has been marked Failed.

Replace a failed Z-Wave node

But you can force a node to fail by removing power to the node (battery or mains), then hitting Refresh on the Z-Wave Details page until the Failed button appears.

You will need to reset the removed device to factory defaults in order to include it again.

Edit: Or, I may have misinterpreted your question. If you just want to put in a different device with similar capabilities, go to the bottom of the original device’s page, scroll down to the “in use by” section. Click on each of the automations / dashboards using the device, then, when you get to the automation/Dashboard, just edit it and substitute the new, previously paired, device. Repeat until all of the entries in the “in use by” section are gone for the old device.