So I’ve decided to delete all my home assistant entities and strictly use h.e

Main reason, the community, I’ve found on h.a if something irregular happens, you could be waiting forever for a response. The problem is, now my dash looks like this, any idea how to delete those entity not found?
I’m posting here because me and my wife find them obnoxious (some, not all) thanks

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We certainly have a mix of opinions in recent posts... Thankyou for adding your positive experience into the mix... :slight_smile: Sorry I can't assist with your question re entities not found...

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Are you talking about the badges across the top?

If so click the 3 dots then "Edit Dashboard" on resulting dropdown:

Then click pencil for that specific dashboard:

And then the "Badges" tab:

If that was your question, that was 9 minutes to get an solution. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Entities can only be removed when the integration is no longer providing the entities. You will need to remove the integration first. Sometimes you have to restart Home Assistant before you can remove the entities of a removed integration.

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Are the Olympics starting early :smile: If so, Gold Medal performance!!


Thanks, worked, but now this bothers me even more lol :joy:

You at least have less of them.... lol.... I'm really not helping, sorry to be having fun at your expense...

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From a purely personal point of view, one of the main attractions that I've seen about Home Assistant is the beautiful dashboard that it creates, with very little effort.
However, a while ago, I came across the Joe Page Hubitat Dashboard. (I have an android phone). It's also damm easy to use, and very fast to make up. It's not as good looking as the HA one (IMHO), but it does everything (more or less) that the HA does (and looks pretty good and organized).

Then, of course, I realized that my style is not to use a dashboard at all, and for those few times where "direct control" is required, we use a Voice Assistant (we've got a few in the house, but we find Alexa to be the best).
I keep on searching for a reason to use the spare SBC with my spare Nortek USB stick to fire up HA. I just haven't found enough of a reason yet.

I use “HomeKit/homebridge” for my “dashboard” I’m just keeping hassio because a run homebridge and pihole with the portainer add on. Also just in case a cloud based integration comes along on there first

edit the page through the yaml and delete the lines for the badges, that's how i delete badges when i played with HA

It’s moot now, but there are a few integrations that I’ve used that have an update capability to remove entities. Otherwise, removal and reinstall of the integration works as mentioned and apparently editing in Yaml too (nice tip). Kind of ridiculous HA does this to begin with though.

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