So I called NYCE today

After a small post and mentioning trying to find more of their stuff, I decided on a lark to call them at their main number. (I wasn't expecting anything) Much to my surprise someone answered on the second ring. He was very nice and I simply asked if they were going to continue with product. He explained that due to the supply chain, smaller non-us companies like theirs are getting very little.... Some stuff here and there. They are still in good shape and are still developing new products and hopefully will have stuff back on Amazon in the 1st quarter... As I said, he was was very nice and very patient. It gives me hope that they and other like them (like dome) will be back...


Good to hear, will need a few more motion sensors in the future.


Good to hear. My experience with their sensors has been excellent.


Yup, they are good.

Wish the battery lasted longer in the ceiling sensor though - mine (have 3) only last ~1-1.5 year. They work flawlessly, though, so that is only a minor complaint in my opinion.


I have deployed one of their motion sensors at a client.
Do you know why it's better than most?
It's because the "metal" that is used to hold the battery in place, is not a thin piece of tine, but rather a much thicker piece of "metal".
Their products are very solid.

I just installed six of their contact sensors yesterday and they were easy to configure and installation was a breeze.