SMS Messages for Notifications

I get notifications with the native Hubitat app. I also just signed up for Pushover, which also seems to be notifications only. Is there a way to get SMS messages? Is this where Twilio comes in (I haven't checked that out yet).

I work with Twilio since a year. Easy to setup. Never a failure, A lot of sms for the price.
I manage to be warned by Twilio on some important rules because the sms are stored in my phone (log) and can be easily retrieved.

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Thanks. Pay as you go/free trial. Price is right. Will probably give it a whirl. I've been turning off the mobile network/wifi to save battery.

In the US (and possibly Canada) the phone companies usually have an email address that will forward to SMS. Then you could use something like this:

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Sendmail can be used with Yahoo Mail?

As far as notifications, Pushover seems to have more options (than the standard Hubitat notification) and can store a bunch of notifications. I'm not sure of the overhead though. I hate the idea of excessive battery consumption.

Not directly - you have to relay it through your ISP first.

Sounds a little complex. It'd be another way for your hub to notify you if you didn't have your phone, but were at a computer.

It's pretty simple on the HE end - just add the custom driver code and then add a virtual driver and change the driver type to the new sendmail driver. Configure it to match your email account your ISP gave you and then you should be able to use it with RM etc for notifications.

The "fun" part is setting up a relay between your ISP and Yahoo.. or Google if necessary.

Yes since it's just email if your phone is configured for that account you'd get it there too instead of SMS. Very flexible.


Pushover has a negligible impact on my iPhone’s battery.

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For me it's not about Pushovers features it's more about local control. I try and minimize the number of cloud services (paid or otherwise) if I can.


I just found out that Pushover will also send notifications to your desktop browser.

I agree though, email would be nice.

You can also send email with WebCoRE.

Yes, and what you worked up just works and something similar ought to be an integral part of HE. Notifications are fine but the least common denominator as a broadly functional backup is email.

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For me, it's also the number of apps. I don't have the Hubitat app on my phone. I don't have Pushover either. SMS with the built-in Messages app is all I need.

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I agree - seems like a fundamental piece but since I'm not privy to the company info can't say what the priorities/issues with implementing were especially given limited resources and delivery pressures. Easy enough to work around though so all good..

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