Smoke alarm in app just worked!

OK, this is awesome too. I installed the Hubitat Safety Monitor (HSM) app and it found my Z-wave smoke alarms (ZCOMBO), flood alarms, doors, motion etc. I didn't want to mess with it too much so I just asked it to report to my Google speakers for testing.

However, this morning I got a message on my phone that Smoke was detected! My wife had left the turkey patties on without the stove fan on so it was minor but legit. I had done nothing except install the Hubitat Android App and the HSM app and I got this! Very cool Hubitat.


Does this mean you had to go out to eat? It could set up an unintended precedent if you did. Need to get out, burn meal.


These are the golden ideas I keep coming here for :joy:

I didn't realize this was unusual. I have been using it for years. :wink:

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Next thing you know it. @zarthan will tell you to flood your house so you don't have to mob the floor :joy:

What a great suggestion. And if you add a little soap to that flood water the floors should be clean when the water eventually drains.

That's a nice touch that the smoke detectors were added automatically and a notification was generated automatically!

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