Smells good in here

I found that the Fabreeze plug in with dual scents was too strong.

This lamp dimmer was laying around unused so now, twice a day, it heats the oil so we wake to a nice fragrance and when returning home in the afternoon.


Ok, that's one I never would have thought of.


Are you setting the dimmer at full "brightness" or at a lower level? I have one of those dimmers sitting around as well and just picked up some fragrance heaters LOL. I'm sure they're bad for you to sit and inhale but we'll see.

I seem to remember some things will draw a higher amperage if they are set at a lower voltage. Probably not this though I guess.

I tried this with a few febreeze diffusers around my house. I made them only run for an hour if they detect motion in the immediate area. I honestly don't think it made much of a difference. They don't seem to last any longer. I think the oil evaporates even if the heating element is off. And they seem to lose their smells after like a week.