Smartwings shades, Zigbee or Z-wave?

I'm getting ready to order a couple of Smartwings outdoor shades. My Z-wave and Zigbee mesh are both strong. The shades will be close to the C8 as well. Does anyone that has used them have a preference is there any reason to choose one over the other. They apparently now support matter.

The Z-wave shades support Matter?

Does the driver for either support battery level? Only thing that annoys me about my Zebra Blinds Z-wave shades is that the HE driver doesn't show battery level, although the shades do report it.

Yes, both drivers support battery levels.
I have three smartWings zigbee shades (hardwired power) in production and I am very happy with them.

Thanks. Any preference for Z-wave or Zigbee. I will have two that I want to synchronize. Control with pico and Alexa.

Neither support group messaging (meaning two commands need be issued, one for each).
I can't say which would be better in your environment, pick the protocol that has the best mesh and reliability in your setup.

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My bad, it's on the tile for my Z-wave shades that it's not shown. My "Sensors" dashboard shows battery levels for almost every device. But for my 6 shades I have to open each one individually from the device page.

Is it possible the battery level would be available as an "attribute" in the tile?

If I can see battery level on the Device page, I would think it should be available on a Dashboard tile as well, it's just not implemented.


If you will, please respond with a brief description of your "hardwired power" modification (?) to these shades. Did you leave the battery intact and just charge it by USB?

I currently use the Ikea shades and have modified them for mains power. They have been rock solid for a couple of years now. But, I want an economical single device option for my 5ft wide window openings. This Smartwings product may fit my needs.


SmartWings sells hardwired (12 vdc) zigbee motors, no mods required. Just note hardwired on your order.

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I have not ordered them, but the site also references hard wired line voltage for Zigbee motors. Could be I'm reading that wrong.

I'm not aware of a mains powered offering, when I ordered mine they didn't ask if i wanted ac or dc.
You can just email them, or i think they have a chat bot, can't remember

Their chat bot is very responsive.