Smartthings Wifi Smart Plug 7A-PL-W-A1

I actually came from Vera. I just happened to be in Best Buy and found these couple of plugs for a cheap price. From reading HubConnect it looks like it interfaces with another hub (in this case SmartThings), right? Or can I connect it to my account like IFTTT and control them that way?

HubConnect is either Hubitat to/from Hubitat or SmartThings. Hubitat does have an IFTTT channel, but you'd still need the plug on something that it works with (I'm not aware of anything besides SmartThings) that can also do IFTTT.

Yes, but you do not need a hub. The WiFi plug is part of a newer line of products that Samsung is launching (including cameras) that does not require the purchase of a hub. Lowe's tried this before closing their doors.

Since SmartThings apps run exclusively in the cloud there is no need for a physical hub. You onlyh need the SmartThings classic app to setup HubConnect.

I guess I naively assumed the plug communicated to the hub over your LAN (and then the hub took it from there) rather than directly to the ST cloud, but perhaps I should have known better with the way they're heading. :joy:

The SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug makes it easy to step into a smarter home the instant you plug it in. Turn on and off the lamps, small appliances and electronics you use everyday, with the SmartThings app on your phone or tablet. Combine multiple Smart Plugs, and you can even automate an entire room- no hub required.

I have a sneaky feeling the Zigbee plugs are being phased out too. You can buy two of the WiFi plugs for the same price. I find this strategy ironic since they are supposedly focusing more on local control and rule execution.

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Time to break out the Wireshark!

Not a whole lot of experience, no.
I have a single WiFi plug that I’ve now flashed and it’s now locally available to be controlled by a HE App.
Was pretty straight forward to follow the instructions and get working and we’ll worth it.
I’m not the sort that minds losing time over the cheapest sensors trying to make them work so it had to be pretty simple. :+1:t3:

@njanda the device I have doesn't have a USB or any other interface, how would I go about flashing it?

Generally they can be flashed via WiFi or via pads on the internal circuit board.
Start reading here. . [Release] Tasmota 7.x firmware with Hubitat support + Tuya and Sonoff drivers

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Unfortunately this is probably an RTL8710BN (not supported by Tasmota or any other open source firmware for IOT I know of):

Hard to tell from those photos, but it does really look like one going from the "smudges" that look like the logo on that. But you can never be 100% sure until you open it up...

Just got back home from Christmas stuffs. I ran an NMAP against the switch and it is using esp8266 firmware.

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That is probably because it is the same fingerprint as the firmware on other devices with an ESP8266 instead of a Realtek, but I’d be happy to be proven wrong. You can always try Tuya Convert, maybe it works? If it does, then you know for sure

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Suggestion would be to use Hubconnect. Connects your Hubitat with your SmartThings devices via the SmartThings cloud service (eliminating the need for IFTTT), allowing you to integrate them into your Hubitat automatons

Very interesting point I hadn't considered. I actually got the device back out last night and tried to see if I could take it apart. I cannot fathom how to get into it to see if I can try to flash it (which would be my preference), or to at least look at the insides and determine IF it can be flashed. I may try the Hubconnect.

Does anyone know if you can still use these as a zigbee repeater even if you can't toggle power output from the device? Would seem strange that Samsung makes a zigbee door/multisensor and motion detectors but can't extend the range for devices. I can't get HE to pair with the plugs and i have some distance sleepy devices i want to stay connected

This thread is about a smartthings WiFi plug, so it cannot function as a repeater for your battery-powered zigbee sensors. And as discussed in the thread, it cannot pair with hubitat at all.

You may want to start a new thread to get some help if you’re having a problem with zigbee sensors.

Samsung has several smart things devices that use zigbee (motion, multisensor, water) and their old plugs appear on the compatible device list. Their new wifi plug (which is somehow cheaper) appears to no longer have that functionality. As a HE noob, i researched the first 3 devices.... then not the plugs since amazon has them in the same purchase window :frowning:

Unfortunately WiFi and zigbee are different protocols. But there are many non-Samsung zigbee devices that you could use to serve as repeaters for your sensors.

I suggest either taking another look through the compatibility list, or starting a new thread to ask for help specific to your situation.

Thanks, though my course is clear, return my plugs, I'm trying to help the next overzealous noob who jumps in and starts ordering samsung devices which are all the same amazon page even though not all the devices are compatible with HE. Not even sure why Amazon does this... combines not only multiple protocols, but also all the reviews and questions together too. its dumb and misleading. I am not the first or last to make this mistake.

Likely because enough people do not return them, for Amazon to still make a profit !