Smartthings Smart Bulb

I just purchase the Smartthings Smart Bulb which is using Zigbee 3.0 and also from what I read is also a repeater. It pairs with Hubitat and generic zigbee RGB light driver and it working good. So far no problem. I got it to use in the room where I have my Hampton Bay Fan controller.

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The device is most likely failing back to ZHA since Hubitat has not implemented anything with Zigbee 3.0 yet. It uses Zigbee HA, which devices that support 3.0 are backwards compatible with. You are finding that the bulb repeats commands/reports to/from your HB fan controller consistently? The HB fan is routed through the bulb for sure?

This isn't a color bulb is it?

Dimming only I believe. No Color or CT.

Right, so that's the wrong driver, should be using generic zigbee bulb

@mike.maxwell no it is not a color bulb and I did find the right driver for it and using the one that you suggested. Thanks

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