SmartThings Sensors not updating after power outage

We had an ice storm that took out power to my neighborhood Wednesday evening. Power was out until Friday night and once it came back and I had a chance to work through other stuff I noticed that some SmartThings sensors are not updating in Hubitat.

The last check-in for the devices is just before the outage started. I tried refreshing in the devices section, tried pulling the battery out of the sensor and tried rebooting the hub but it still wonโ€™t update with door state or temp or acceleration.

Anything else I can try or do I need to reset the sensors and re-add them in Hubitat (please not that lol).

Zigbee or Zwave?

These are Zigbee devices

Then you can just re-add them. No need to reset them or delete them from the hub, as they will slot into where they were. Zwave is more complicated for this.

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Perfect, thank you!

Re-added the sensor and now it's reading again.