SmartThings Presence sensor V4

2 SmartThings Presence sensor V4 randomly went departed at 12:41 am and then came back a minute later.
Which triggered some rules at 12:42 am
presence sensor timeout is set to 5 minutes to try and avoid these glitches but didn't appear to work.
(email sent to support)

Was thinking of creating a virtual presence sensor with a rule to go departed after x amount of time when the actual presence goes departed. Then use the virtual presence sensor for all the main rules.

looking for other ideas

you might want to change the ST Presence timeout in the device preferences from 2 minutes to 3 or 4 minutes. This is essentially the same as what you are doing without the need of a rule or second device.

they were both set at 5 minutes so it should not have happened have two options which do the same thing. Either use a rule and add a delay/pending cancel OR use an app like Presence Central which allows you to have a delay for arrival and/or departure.

When I notice that this happened at night it seems to happen when HE makes am automatic backup. Mine went out at 3:05am and that is the same time HE started the backup. I have only had it happen twice but both time HE was performing a backup. Very strange.

Maybe Interference could have made them not get detected for 5 minutes and go departed then happen to come back 1 minute later (so 6 minutes total) just bad luck will probably set it to departed after 1 hour.

I will check when I get home if a backup was happening