Smartthings plugs

I just added 4 of them but they only show up in the dash as question marks did I do something wrong I'm not home so I can't change the driver till I get back if that's the problem

What template are you using for that tile? Make sure it's "Switch" or a similar one that supports viewing and controlling the on/off state. You'll get a question mark if the tile is trying to read an attribute the device doesn't actually support, among other possibilities (e.g., deleting the device without removing it from the dashboard first).

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Hard to tell what you did from the brevity of your description. Did you select the template for the tiles you added?

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Yea I selected a template but I think I needed to change the driver

That’s strange. I have some of the 2018 (zigbee 3) version as well as the previous generation zigbee plugs and I’m pretty sure the generic zigbee outlet driver was installed automatically. You shouldn’t have had to change it.

Try the switch template in your dashboard. Also, you would have to check to make sure that the switch attribute is set for the device in order for it to work correctly from the dashboard. But you can only check that in the web UI for hubitat.