SmartThings MultiPurpose Sensor

I was hoping to put one of these sensors under my computer chair so that when I pulled the chair out, Hubitat would wake my computer over @stephack's Wake on Lan app, turn on my LED Bias Lighting on the back of my monitors and my desk lamp. However, no matter how hard I move the chairs, the accelerometer doesn't trigger. If I pick it up and move it, it does. Is this just a limitation of the sensor? Is there any way to adjust the sensitivity?

Also, what is everyone's experience with these as contact sensors? Amazon has them on sale for $20CAD today, which is quite cheap for any contact sensor, so I'm thinking about buying 7 of them for all my exterior doors as well as the kid's bedroom doors. For the kids' doors they will act as contact sensors but also temperature sensors for those rooms. We have a 22 month old that will be converting to a toddler bed soon so knowing if she gets out of bed will be helpful!

I only have one in use because I only own one.

It’s never dropped off the network. I can’t remember what the battery life is.

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If you are referring to the V5, I have 6 or 7 of them and I love them. They are primarily what I use for contact sensors. Many of them have been going a year (or maybe more) on the same battery they came with. Don't get the V4 or older as they were crap and the batteries were worse.

As for acceleration, you might want to check if this is disabled. If it is, try changing it to normal and see if that affects things.


Thanks guys. I ended up ordering 7 of them for all my doors. You didn't have anything bad to say so that helped. The price is good and nice to get temperature sensors as well. I have one on my upright freezer door and it seems to have been quite solid.

On that note, a good tip for anyone who hasn't done it; put a contact sensor on your fridge and/or freezer doors. We bought a bunch of groceries this summer for camping and must have had our freezer too full. I think something shifted and then ended up knocking the door open slightly. It wasn't till the next day when we were trying to pack up quickly to get on the road that we realized the freezer door was open and all of the groceries we had bought, plus a lot of other frozen food, was now thawed and we were going to be gone for a week and couldn't eat it in time. That was an expensive lesson as we had lots of good quality meat and fish in there.

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There are a lot of "generations" of these but I have had good luck with all the ones I have.

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I have the same Multi-sensor, but for acceleration/vibration detection I use the xiaomi vibration sensors, they work fantastic and are extremely sensitive and have 3 adjustable sensitivity levels.
They can be had for 11-14 USD.

BUT beware the incompatible repeater issues, many threads on this topic

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