SmartThings Motion Sensor Temp Reporting

I have a number of SmartThings motion sensor using the generic Zigbee driver. I don't need/want temp reporting off of them. I've set temp reporting to disabled in the driver and saved, then hit the configure button for an extra measure and they still report temp.

There’s more than one generation of ST motion sensors, but I don’t think temperature reporting can be completely disabled on any of them.

They're all the 2018 generation, whichever that one is. Looks like you're right...once I just set them all to report on 5° changes, they more or less stopped reporting. I mainly had one culprit that was logging a temp change about once a minute.

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I just wanted to come back to say that suddenly on 4/11, the devices started respecting the preference set and stopped reporting temp completely.

EDIT: Just checked and that was the day I updated to