SmartThings Hub Link - Mode / SHM Events

Just got my Hubitat and starting to explore, new to groovy and before I spend too much time on it, would it be possible to subscribe Hubitat to mode changes / SHM mode changes at SmartThings?

Not directly. What you could do is capture those with virtual switches in ST, and push those to Hubitat. Then use RM to map those events as appropriate in Hubitat.

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Is there an update to the "Send Hub Events" ST smartapp?

Oh yes there is. Sorry, forgot to post it.

Note: Once you enable modes in Send Hub Events, it effectively makes Hubitat a slave to ST with respect to all mode changes.

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So I cant seem to get this to work. Idk why I put in the IP addresses. In my Hubitat environment it added 2 things hubLinker and hubLinkSTmode but both have a status of unknown is this the way its supposed to be? Sorry I just got this yesterday and want to test stuff before fully setting it up I have a bulb attached to Hubitat and I made a virtual switch in ST to use to turn the bulb off and on in Hubitat but I don’t think the switch is showing up in Hubitat.


If you want devices paired to your Hubitat hub to also show up in SmartThings, you'll want to use a different solution than the one in this thread. This solution, from Hubitat, allows SmartThings devices to appear in Hubitat as virtual devices. However, you cannot interact with these virtual devices to have anything happen in ST. So, this integration is best used for sensor devices (Motion, Temperature, Humidity, etc...)

The following integration allows for Hubitat devices to appear in ST as virtual devices. It also have the advantage that the virtual devices in ST can be interacted with in order for actions to occur to the physical device attached to your Hubitat hub. So, a Hubitat light switch will appear as a virtual light switch in ST, which you can actrually turn on and off from either system.

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Thank you. This is what I was looking forward to doing. I got it working and hope to use it with ActionTiles!

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I think I'm looking for the same thing. I set up send hub events, including activating the send mode changes, but I can't tell if hubitat is receiving those mode changes from ST. Where should I be looking for issues with this process?

Edit: apparently it has been switching modes, though I didn't notice it happening since it's generally on Home mode when I looked at it.

You can always look in Location Events to see mode change events. They are logged there.

Using Hub Link, HSM is not disarming when SmartThings is set to Home(Off) mode. This seems to be caused because there is no Home mode in Hubitat. Also Hubitat does not arm in ST Stay, but does work correctly when ST sets "Away" mode, or my user defined "Night" mode.

The default SmartThings modes are Home(Off), Stay, and Away. I added a fourth mode "Night" to get full use of my Centralite keypad. On my ST setup Night is instant Intrusion, Stay issues an Entry Delay.

HSM default modes are Away, Evening, Night, and Day. I have Day set as disarmed, the others Armed.

If I change the name of Evening to Stay, and Day to Home; would it make Hub Link force HSM to correctly follow my ST setup? Also would doing this cause any issues in the Hubitat System?

Update: Answering one of my questions. I changed Evening to Stay and Day to Home in "Location" then adjusted the arming setup in the HSM app and HSM Mode now fully follows SmartThings.

However, the Dashboard HSM Status does not change to Armed to Night (stays as is) when setting Night from Hub Link, but does change when changing to Night from the Hubitat Dashboard. Any suggestions?

So my question will the mode rename cause any other issues in the Hubitat system?


You will have to track down everywhere you use modes, and update them accordingly. There are a few places where modes are baked in to apps. Away is baked into Mode Manager. Day, Evening and Night are baked into Lutron Button Integrator and Lutron Button Integrator No Modes.

Otherwise, you can make the modes have whatever names you want.

Thank you for the response.

Is Mode Manager the mode settings in Location?

Any idea on why ST Night mode does not set HSM Status to Armed to Night?

No, that's a built-in app that sets modes for you based on time and presence.

You would have to show me how you have HSM setup for arming based on mode.

ST SHM set to Disarmed - Home / HSM shows

Change ST Mode to Night
(I have a mode/armed fix routine in ST to keep things coordinated)
ST SHM set to Armed - Night/ HSM shows

Tap/Click Dashboard mode, then set Night on Dashboard and it does not set HSM Status to Armed to Night, it did earlier today.

Location Events switching from Home to Night then Stay
|hsmStatus|hsmEvent|armedHome||2018-11-04 06:06:52.012 PM EST|
|hsmSetArm|hsmEvent|armHome||2018-11-04 06:06:52.005 PM EST|
|mode|Arn's Hubitat is now in Stay mode|Stay|LOCATION_MODE_CHANGE|2018-11-04 06:06:51.914 PM EST|

|hsmStatus|hsmEvent|armedNight||2018-11-04 06:05:16.575 PM EST|
|hsmSetArm|hsmEvent|armNight||2018-11-04 06:05:16.565 PM EST|
|mode|Arn's Hubitat is now in Night mode|Night|LOCATION_MODE_CHANGE|2018-11-04 06:05:16.480 PM EST|

|hsmStatus|hsmEvent|disarmed||2018-11-04 06:04:55.225 PM EST|
|hsmSetArm|hsmEvent|disarm||2018-11-04 06:04:55.220 PM EST|
|mode|Arn's Hubitat is now in Home mode|Home|LOCATION_MODE_CHANGE|2018-11-04 06:04:55.165 PM EST|