Smartthings hub beta update …

… think i am noticing a pattern where when those happen hubitat hub needs to be rebooted otherwise hub becomes unresponsive and/or random devices do not respond to commands.

@mike.maxwell is that even probable or i must have been smoking something? :slight_smile:


I think you must be. :wink:

Seriously though, a couple of questions..
Do you have an ST hub that has had the latest beta update?
If so are you using the hub link app and the devices stop reporting from ST to HE.

It's the only way I can think of there being any interaction.

i wish. :slight_smile:

i do ... in fact ST hub just got a beta update.
only use hub link for presence sensors.

OK. Hub linked devices are the only things that I would think could have an issue.

yes makes sense ... just not this time. :slight_smile:

Not sure what to say, I've never had to reboot either my production hub (>200 devices) nor my dev hub (which gets the majority of code abuse) due to them becoming unresponsive on a regular basis.

do you also a have ST hub running their latest beta in the area? also not regularly but when i get these ST hub beta updates.


no, i only fire it up when I need to do wonkie ST driver debugging...

thanks ... will continue to keep an eye on this to see if the pattern continues.