SmartThings appliances log in?

I'm curious to see if anyone else who has a Family Hub refrigerator. Has issues with logging into their account. I know this isn't really a good place for this but I'm not about to join some group just for a single ST question.

Our Family Hub refrigerator has very strong wifi connection. The included browser works great so I know it's not an actual issue with the network. It won't let me sign into my account though. In the app it also says offline. Very frustrating. I did find something online about turning off 2FA but you can't actually do that.

I had problems when I first got the fridge setup. Same thing, showed offline. I had to "reboot" the fridge by disconnecting it from AC Power, After that all was good.
I dont recall having any issues signing in though. I used my normal Samsunf/Smartthings account.

I haven't disconnected power. I just flipped the red switch under the cover.

I actually flipper the circuit breaker on my electrical panel for the fridge

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I'll give that a shot. It's got internet connection like I said it just doesn't want to let me sign in.