SmartThings API Integration without ST Hub

I'm looking to see if anyone has built an app to integrate with the SmartThings API. I don't actually own a ST hub, but I noticed they can integrate with Lutron Caseta switches and I accidentally bought the non-pro hub. Until I find a place to purchase one, I was hoping I could access my Lutron Caseta switches via the ST API (cloud) using a personal access token. I already did some API tests and it seems to work fine, but it would be great if someone has already built a way to import those devices?



Thanks @jkp, I had a look at that, but it seems like it may only work if you own a SmartThings hub? Do you know if it works without requiring a hub? The setup process indicates that it communicates locally with an IP address of the hub. However, I'd like to go direct to the SmartThings web API where my caseta light switches are integrated. I can view them via the API if I make the request, even though I don't actually own a hub.

Take a read of this and see if it helps:

Thank you, that looks promising, I'll give it a shot!

Sorry for reviving this old thread but could not find an answer anywhere.
I am facing the same situation where my Samsung VRF units are connected to the Smartthings App (no hub) through a WIFI kit and I am lookinf for a way to bring them as devices to Hubitat. Have you had any luck?

Couple of possibilities:

  1. HubConnect (while the groovy IDE is still supported)
  2. Node-Red using the node-red-contrib-samsung-automation-studio-nodes and node-red-contrib-hubitat palettes (requires an always on device to run, I use a Pi 4)
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@matthewj.patience Did you ever get this to work? I would like to see some devices from my parents ST hub ... which are in my Samsung account ... thanks!

Both options mentioned by the @thebearmay are working

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Thanks .. I left ST because of the ambiguity of the groovy IDE :frowning: ... Ill have to look more into the Node Red ... so many moving parts building up :wink:

Ya HubConnect worked just fine, I was trying to get Caseta products to connect to Hubitat without buying the Pro Caseta Hub. I used HubConnect for a while but ended up hating the response delay when I performed an action, so I just sucked it up and bought the Pro Hub. @cgmckeever