Smartsense multi v1 reporting interval

My old zigbee smartsense multi v1 sensors report data (temperature in most cases) every 2.5 minutes. Is there a way to change that time interval? The stock driver doesn't seem to support a configuration for the reporting interval, and it doesn't support an external poll/refresh command either...

I don't recall those v1 Multi's having a reporting interval option in SmartThings... Do you?

Is the every 2.5 minutes consistent with SmartThings, or different?

I just checked one of my ST Multi v1 sensors and it is reporting temperature every ~4 minutes on Hubitat.

It's consistent with ST - and I don't remember if the ST driver exposes polling or configuration options (I canceled my ST account a few months ago, and I can't go check).

they don't, all the stock drivers supported was a temp offset

OK, thanks - I suppose I'm out of luck then. Any chance support for poll/refresh could be added?

what is it that you're trying to get it to do?

I'm using it as the "temperature sensor" part of a virtual thermostat for a small room heated by a space heater (controlled by a smart plug). Being a small and poorly insulated room, the changes in temperature when turning on/off the space heater are fast; and the 2.5 minutes reporting causes a wider temperature oscillation than what I would like to see. I would like to reduce reporting time to a minute or so to keep the temperature a bit steadier.