SmartRemote integration for Hubitat

Hi, David of Allonis here. We are the developers for the myServer 6 automation system. We just announced a Kickstarter for the SmartRemote. On a Reddit forum, a Hubitat user inquired if this could be used with Hubitat. Looking at Hubitat's developer info for a driver - looks like the answer is YES! So, wanted to introduce ourselves.
If an experienced Hubitat developer wanted to work with us on it - we can offer up a SmartRemote for that assistance.

Sure we could do this on our own, but we aren't as experienced with how Hubitat does things so the help is a fun path. Send me a PM if you would like to work together.

Search Kickstarter for "SmartRemote" for the details and pics.


Welcome to the Hubitat community!

Were you thinking of an official integration via Hubitat, or someone in the community doing the development?

Hubitat does do official integrations in many cases, and if you are considering this path, we can tag Hubitat team.


Hi neonturbo, Thanx for the welcome! Right now, with our unfamiliarity with Hubitat, we really don't know. Just thought it would be neat to have mutual support of our systems for the end user benefit.
We can do the Allonis myServer side of the development. If you can suggest which group or individual should do the Hubitat side - that would be awesome!
Thanx again.

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Do you have a documented LAN API, like a REST API, that can be used to write a driver?


That would be me. I wrote the NEEO intrgration as well as all the AVR IP drivers.


Here is the Kickstarter:

May be a good way to add AV to Hubitat. Note there is a significant overlap with Hubitat in non-AV functionality.