[smartly] valve icon replacement [HE bug]

Continuing the discussion from [RELEASE] smartly v1.06 - custom icons, thermostat re-design, custom dashboard link labels and icons:

#tile-14 .tile-primary i.material-icons.[mdi-class]

^ This is how it is right now for valve tile.. sadly it is not using the tile state as the class for tile-primary. it should instead be using the state like below.

#tile-14 .tile-primary.[state] i.material-icons.[mdi-class]

This is what it should be, and how it is for nearly every other tile. The actual status is classed in the .tile-primary div. This is a bug within HE 'valve' tile template.. it's missing the status 'open/closed' from .tile-primary div. I'll see if I can target it based on the he icon text class, but it will break if 'custom icon' is used within the HE template editor.

Just curious, if you think this is an HE bug have you brought it to the HE team's attention?

haven't yet.. it's less a bug and more of a design flaw, but no I haven't had time to reach out.

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Is there someone we could just tag in here from HE that could take a look? I've updated the post to be clearer as to what the issue is.

@chuck.schwer since we were just talking about smartly the other day :slight_smile:

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