Smart Switches/Buttons?

HE Gurus...I have a ceiling fan that I would like to be smart. I took off the light cover only to discover some ridiculous LED light kit. I took about 2 min to google for a 'smart' replacement but I didn't find a replacement that I thought would actually fit. Then I started scrolling around the HE community - I see folks talking about smart wall switches, etc. Would this work to make it 'smart' and subsequently automate it with rules and such? The light is on a standard light switch and also has a remote for the light to be dimmed and fan controls. Is this possible?

If the remote is 433mhz you could just use an RM pro or if you don't mind flashing as sonoff RF with tasmota you can then intergate these with HE.

Did some poking around....appears this will work with Alexa... i wonder if this will do the trick?

It most likely will. I use it to control 4 fans and there is an integration with HE that is solid.

Remote is most likely in the 315Mhz range if it's like all 4 of my fan controllers that are all different brands.

Do you have separate switches for the light and fan? If so, you could automate it at the wall/switch side. There are lots of smart fan switches and smart light dimmers (don't use that for a fan) available, and you can have your pick of any, provided you have the neutral wire in the box that most will need to function. There are a lot of options there, especially for the latter. There are also some options if you don't, though these all assume the fan would work fine on its own without this remote and that you don't care if its functionality gets replaced with something else.

If you have two switches but they're stacked in single gang (or even if they aren't but you don't mind not using the second), you could use the Zooz ZEN30 Double Switch. This would get you mostly automated: the lights could be dimmed, but the fan would be on/off only. You could still control that from the fan or remote.

A similar but different option is Inovelli's forthcoming LZW36 fan/light switch combo. This replaces your wall switch with a two-button device (one for fan and one for the light--additional dimming/level paddles on the side for each). It requires the installation of a canopy module that will control your fan and light. This module speaks proprietary RF to the switch, which is Z-Wave. It does not require separate fan and light wiring at the wall (that's what the module overcomes), but it does require a neutral. (If you don't have one but do have separate fan and light wiring, you might be able to re-purpose your second line wire to bring neutral down from the ceiling instead, where you surely have one.)

Another option that appears similar to that one but is different in one important respect is the Hampton Bay (aka King of Fans) Fan Controller. Like the Inovelli, this one requires a canopy module. Unlike the Inovelli, this canopy module is a standard protocol (Zigbee here, not Z-Wave) and there is no wall switch at all. On Hubitat, this isn't really a problem--you can make a wall switch out of whatever button device you want ("real" Inovelli or Zooz switch with relay disabled, Lutron Pico if you have Caséta or RA2, Eria Dimmer, Hue Dimmer if you don't mind its odd size, a SmartThings button if you don't care how it looks/fits, or any number of options--and the module itself comes with a remote, this one using proprietary RF to speak to the Zigbee module). Since there's no switch, this obviously doesn't require a neutral at the "switch" side, nor does it require separate wiring at the wall for the fan and light.

Not sure if any of these typical options would work with your setup, but thought I'd mention the gamut in case you hadn't already considered.

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so there's a light switch in the room and a remote that controls both the lighs and the fan. Honestly I care more about the light than I do the fan, but the BOND seems to learn the remote and alledgely does both so I bought it last night. i want to avoid messing with wires - I'm technical with networking - route/switch/network security - not even close to be handy enough or an electrician. Upstairs we have every ceiling fan with 2 light switches, 1 for fan, 1 for light...and no remotes. You have to pull that blasted chain to chain the speed.

That was setup for one of my fans and I installed RF Fan Controllers in the other 3. They are in the $30-$40 range. I bought my last one from Home Depot:

My other three fans have one switch on wall and pull chains to change fan speed and turn light off/on. Now, I can control all 4 fans thru the Bond Hub. I am not sure how the controllers I bought would work if you have separate switch for light & fan.

The Bond hub has a pretty good range so if you decide to add Fan Controllers to upstairs fans, you might be able to control all of them w/ one Bond Hub centrally located. I have one fan 50ft from the Bond Hub. If you go this route, some have suggested leaving the antenna wire outside of the fan casing on the ceiling to improve range. That's what I did.

The negatives are 1) If someone uses the native remote, the Bond Hub has no way to know that remote was used so the app can get out of sync w/ actual. I have hidden my native remotes so that my better half won't be tempted. 2) I had trouble w/ interference between the Pico remotes I was trying to use and the Bond Hub. Evidently, they both operate on similar frequencies. I use Eria Dimmers for them now and moved Picos to other places.

I was getting excited until i saw WIRES ;-( that means i gotta take it down and put this in. Not feeling taking it down from the ceiling. I know my limitations, lol. No remote, the rest of the house is going to be SOL for now, lol

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