Smart Smokie Ideas Sept 2020

Hello, This topic seems beat to death, but I'm hoping to get the current consensus on a smart smoke detector. I just had a dumb one die on me and I'm barely getting started on adding smart devices to my home. It sounds like Nest is out for sure because of the API incompatibility (although I have a software background if maybe I could muddle something out). I've seen a nod for a Heiman. I work for the govt right now so right or wrong I'm not too keen on getting one of those. And the other option I've seen is an Ecolink. Anyone have any new leads on other options?

Edit: Thanks to both marktheknife and user 5fe94872fdbd2dbd06a8. I gave Mark the solution since he answered first. I decided to just upgrade my dumb detector with the current model that replaces the dead one and then purchase one ecolink firefighter to go with it. It's supposed to ship by Oct so hopefully I get that soon and get it hooked up all right.

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Assuming you’re referring to the ecolink firefighter?

I would go with that. I have one, it works as intended anytime I’ve tested the dumb smoke detector it’s placed next to. I also have two first alert ZCOMBOs and a Halo smart detector.

I wouldn’t bother buying a new smart detector when any of the ones I have already kicks the bucket, I’ll just get more ecolink firefighters.

If your smoke detectors have a wired interconnect, then you only need one firefighter. Unfortunately mine aren’t interconnected.

That’s the one. There was another thread here about it. Thanks, Mark. I was asking since my dumb one kicked the bucket. Error code just says replace unit. So wasn’t sure if I should find a smart one to replace it or just buy another dumb one.

Mine are all independent I believe. They are connected to the ceiling wiring. It’s a new home and I don’t know too much about them.

Do you like your First Alerts? In another thread someone didn’t like the one he got.

I don't own this but I've seen it on Amazon a few times and it gets great reviews. It's z-wave.

Thanks, tivo. I’m concerned about the false alarms that someone in another thread in this community has had and I see on the Amazon reviews some others have had false alarms. I have small dogs who I try not to upset with unnecessary alarms but I will still keep these in mind.

I own the first alert, and all it does is tell you if alarmed, tested or clear. You can't silence it, test it or control it in any way.
So at then end off the day you can use that status to send you data off turn other things on, but not silence, test or any other control.

Mark, I’m actually thinking if they aren’t interconnected it may be better because you could be able to tell which one went off by seeing which eco link activated.

Yes I believe that’s a limitation of wired interconnect smoke detectors in general, they all go off so you can’t tell which one started it.

Re: the first alert ZSMOKE or ZCOMBO. They’re ok. I have had one or two random false alarms for no apparent reason in the few years I’ve owned them. I cleaned them with compressed air each time under the assumption they got a little too dirty near the sensor.

I think I read in a recent thread there is now a z-wave plus version, but first alert in their infinite wisdom didn’t change the model # or something, so some people trying to order the new ones on amazon ended up getting the non-plus model...

I've got an Ecolink firefighter as well, recommended to me by several people here (How to tell if hard-wired fire/smoke detectors are alerting?). Easy to install, easy to pair, driver works just fine.

Oh, if you're in the US and it's a new home, then hard-wired detectors are required. It's worth making sure they work correctly -- 2 floors of our house did not have the detectors tied into the rest of the house.

Thanks everyone. I looked into it more and since the faulty detector was battery powered but also plugged in I would assume these are interconnected but not hardwired (no electricity). It would also seem then that I would have to replace all of them with the same new model which I was not planning to spend that much so looks like the ecolink is the right solution.

If they have 3 wires they are 110 and Inter connected. The US requires interconnected smokes. 110 hard wired always have a battery also which works when the power fails. Pretty easy to see if their interconnected. Just activate one with the test button and hold a few seconds, all interconnected ones will sound also.

That's just what I've found when searching online for a replacement for the one that's broken. Thanks, Ourmessages!

The defunct Halo smart alarms were interconnected, and zigbee. Great idea crappy execution. Out of the 5 halo's I got on Ebay, 2 went bad. They were cheap enough and a pretty cool product. I have 3 Halo+ that do NWR radio and broadcast warnings of tornados/ hurricane avalance, etc and you can select the hazards to be alerted about, + smoke + CO and they speak the alert.
Too bad the company went belly up.

The ring listener I think was incorporated into HE, and are pretty cheap on ebay

Today I got my order for a Ecolink Z-wave Firefighter (FF-ZWAVE5-ECO). Experience was same as all other Ecolink Z-wave devices so far, excellent. I immediately tested it by holding within a couple inches of the siren on both standalone Kidde FireX smoke and Co2 detectors in my house. Worked perfectly, detecting both uniquely as smoke or Co2.

My house is a newer build with lots of Kidde FireX detectors which are all hardwired to 120VAC and interconnected. It didn't make sense to replace every one of them with a "smart" detector as they are brand new and work great. So for me the Ecolink Firefighter made excellent sense. In comparison, my mom's house is 20 years old and she had not yet replaced the detectors. I recently replaced all of them for her and jumped to native "smart" versions since I had to replace the entire unit anyways.

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