Smart shades…where I’m at

First, I ordered 2 shades from a box store thinking they have the rod needed for the motor. Did they? Nope -$200. So I then order the complete kit from zemismart and it came a wreck. Wrong motor, broken cord. -$135. So now I’m down $335 and no blinds. I should have just initially went with zebra blinds but I didn’t. Now my budget is $400 for 2x 32x55 blinds. Any suggestions. The ikea ones look great but I’d have to change every other blind because the backs are white.

Yuck. Sorry to hear that.

Yea, zemismart has been the worst considering opening a PayPal claim

You should. Can't hurt!

What do you mean? I have ikea blinds and they aren't white on the back. Work very well.

I need white I mean. Every other bling on the outside of my house is white?

Ah can't help you with that then. Grey does go well with white though :grin:

I'm surprised. I have a Zemismart AM43 and it works brilliantly...Bought a custom shade at and everything worked great. I'm buying tilt motors for my blinds