Smart plug with power monitoring or power meter EU version


I am looking for smart plug with power mointoring or power meter which work with Hubitat.
It have to be EU version. I know about Fibaro Wall Plug (but it's rather pricey) and Neo Coolcam Power Plug (but there are some problems with connection) so do you know maybe other devices?

The smartthings plug should work and there is an EU version.

I second the ST plug. I use the UK version (2019)

Do you mean that model?

It is hard to buy it.. and the price is almost the same like Fibaro Wall Plug.
Any other ideas?

you could look at Tuya based wifi plugs and flash them with Tasmota to work locally. They are usually pretty cheap. These are what I use with my setup.
There is a fork of this firmware to work with HE below with information on how to do it.

If you look here you should be able to find a list of devices that should work.

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